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We Support Rescued Farm Animals

by selling NFT ARTWORK created by the animals themselves!

SanctuaryART.io supports the care of farmed animals that have been rescued from abusive situations. We do this by empowering animals to create original artwork on canvas ( by "finger-painting" ) that we turn into digital NFTs and sell to animal-lovers around the globe. All funds are used to support rescued animals. 


USE OF PROCEEDS: 80% goes to non-profit animal sanctuaries for the housing, feeding, and medical care of rescued animals. The remaining 20% goes to non-profit groups that push for legal rights of farmed animals around the world. 

BONUS: owners of our NFTs get a 25% discount on all future mints and are entered into monthly raffles to win one of the rare physical canvases pained by animal artists. 


Animal Artist: Josephine the Hen

Price = 1 SOL = approx $60

Sanctuary Beneficiary: Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary

Non-Profit Beneficiary: Direct Action Everywhere

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Thanks for supporting the animals!

Meet the Artists

The gallery below shows each animal artist and gives some basic facts about their history of abuse and the sanctuary where they now reside. We will be adding more artists over time, so keep checking back.

I'm Josephine...  play my video to hear my NFT story

Upcoming NFTs from Josephine

Mint: 200 NFTs
1 SOL each ( ~ $60 )


Josephine the Artist 003.jpg
Josephine the Artist


Thanks for supporting the animals!