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WHAT is an NFT from 
In the collectable space, an NFT refers to a piece of digital art that lives on the blockchain. Buying an NFT is much like buying a painting, but instead of owning it physically, you own it virtually, on the blockchain. releases collections of unique NFTs created by "animal artists" who have been rescued from abusive situations in the factory farming industry.  All proceeds go towards helping animals. 

HOW do rescued animals create artwork? 

You can think of it as finger-painting with non-toxic colors. Josephine painted the picture above by walking on a canvas with different color paints on her feet. Treats were scattered around the canvas to motivate her fun time making the artwork. Sanctuary volunteers supervised the effort, using a different color paint on different days (after the prior art dried) until the canvas was filled. The results are wonderful.  

HOW does my purchase help animals?

All funds raised by supports rescued farm animals, with 80% going to the care, feeding, medical attention of rescued animals and 20% going to non-profit groups that fight for legal protections of exploited animals.  Our first mint will specifically support Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary and Direct Action Everywhere

WHEN can I buy a SanctuaryArt NFT?

Our first artist ( Josephine ) will begin pre-sales of artwork on March 28th at 15% off the list price! The official sale of Josephine's NFT artwork will begin on April 9th at full price (1 SOL = approx. $100) each. 

Starting March 28, you can buy a pre-sale NFT at this link

HOW do I pay for a SanctuaryART NFT? 

You can pay with CREDIT CARD or CRYPTO. We recommend that people new to NFTs use credit card, as the transaction is very simple -- you don't need to know anything about crypto wallets to buy our NFTs!

WHAT does 'minting' mean?

Minting an NFT means creating the initial piece of art that be purchased. After a piece is minted and purchased by an initial buyer, it can be traded in the open market (online) for a potential profit. Each time the NFT changes hands, gets a 5% royalty, so you don't need to feel bad if you sell your NFT. The animals benefit too! 

WHERE can I see my NFT after buying?

Once minted, your NFT will end up in your crypto wallet (we recommend PHANTOM). 

If you pay with CREDIT CARD you get an account on (your NFT will be stored here ).

Can I sell my NFT in the future?

Yes, we will use Magic Eden as the aftermarket for NFTs, allowing traders to buy and sell artwork after the initial minting.  Magic Eden is an easy-to-use decentralized marketplace for buying and selling NFTs.

Example Canvas.jpg
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